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For choice and unusual plants grown and sold in a beautiful garden


Book- Hardy Garden Chrysanthemums Just published by the Hardy Plant Society this is a great book written by Judy Barker and collaborated with by the two other National Collection holders; myself and Hill Close Gardens. With 140 different varieties described and lavishly illustrated this is an excellent tempter into growing these easy, fantastic plants which give vibrant colour from August to December. Tells you the history, breeding, propagation, cultivation and that the best place to buy from them from is here! The cost includes postage, just put a cheque in the post and let us know who to send it to. If its a present we can put a note in it too, let us know what you want putting.
Family: Bookeraceae
Position: Any
Soil type: Any
Height: 88 pages
Min. temp: Very hardy°c
Price: £9.50

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