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For choice and unusual plants grown and sold in a beautiful garden


Modiolastrum lateritium For a sunny, sheltered, well drained position, perhaps on a bank, this cannot be bettered. For months the glossy foliage is covered with saucers of apricot with a noticeable contrasting red eye zone. It roots along its way so spreads nicely and can be used as a very high class ground cover. Alternatively it can be grown as a climber ie up a trellis as they have at Sissinghurst Castle. Rarely seen, I first saw mention of it in James Compton’ s excellent 1985 book Success with Unusual Plants. In a cold area, propagate in late summer or early autumn by lifting one of the rooted offsets. (Malvastrum lateritium)
Family: Malvaceae
Position: Sun
Soil type: Well drained
Height: 6”
Min. temp: -10°c
Price: £6.50

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