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For choice and unusual plants grown and sold in a beautiful garden


Anisodontea 'El Rayo' We have had this this evergreen shrub in the garden for nearly 3 years and 2 winters. It has never stopped flowering 365 days a year with at least 40 flowers per day! As I write this we have just had The Beast from the East (March 2018) and the country almost ground to a stop after nights of minus 7 and extreme wind chill. Although the leaves look a bit dried out, it’s still in flower. The books say about 4ft high, don't believe it, if unpruned about 8ft but easy to keep lower if wanted. If you only buy one plant this year, buy this and put in a sunny sheltered position. Also the bees adore it!PS I don't ever have that many to sell. Also known as Anisodontea El Royo Update: Feb 2019 now been flowering 4 yrs and 3 winters non stop.
Family: Malvaceae
Position: Sun
Soil type: Well drained
Height: 8'
Min. temp: -12°c
Price: £8.50

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