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Norwell Nurseries

Welcome to Norwell Nurseries

Just a reminder that we will close for winter on Friday 26th Oct. You can make an appointment to visit from Mon. 5th Nov. Normal opening opening times resume in the spring, roll on the 1st of March!

Welcome to readers of both the English Garden Magazine and Garden Answers Magazine, please have a browse of our website.

 Please see opening times for details. We are now offering tea, coffee and delicious village baked cakes all for reasonable prices. For those of you that have been asking for us to do this for many years we hope you enjoy having refreshments all within the setting of our gardens. Over the next year the room will be incorporated into the garden with new beds with new planting plans and areas being made, follow our horticultural and culinary journey!

Please remember that although we accept mail orders at this time of year we will not send them out (unless dormant) until late autumn. We cannot send, without damage, mature plants often in full flower. We know its frustrating , but that's gardening for you-the promise of things to come!

About Us

We specialise in rare and unusual herbaceous perennials as well as Cottage Garden Plants, Woodland plants, shade lovers, hardy Chrysanthemums, hardy Geraniums, Hemerocallis, choice bulbs and Grasses. All are grown in our inspirational gardens which are free to look around (except special charity days, when a small fee is payable) whenever the nursery is open. We have the dispersed National collection of Hardy Chrysanthemums and hold over 140 varieties as well as the National Collection of Astrantias.

Norwell Nurseries and Gardens have again been invited into the highly prestigious Gardens to Visit in 2018 book and website. We are the only gardens featured in Nottinghamshire.

Autumn after another year of extremes

Wednesday 03 October 2018 at 08:49

The Swallows and House Martins finally left us last week and with them the pretence that summer continues. As I have said before autumn is a great season, its just a shame it precedes winter, I would have arranged things with a three season year, nicely missing out winter or perhaps just having a fortnight at most. However, the garden is full of colour the Asters, perhaps surprisingly, given the heat of the summer, are 10 days late and at their peak now with stands of mauve, pink and purple whilst clouds of blue smaller starry Asters fill the air giving a lavender haze to the borders. Meanwhile the grasses stand proud with burgundy Miscanthus heads slowly turning silver. Meanwhile this years horticultural adventure, the sand beds, continue to delight and enthrall. They have given me so much pleasure by finally allowing me to grow plants that have for so long struggled on the heavy clay. Gauras have continued brilliantly with Rosy Jane, a picotee pink and white bi-colour and the incredibly pure white Snow Bird looking particularly fine. Nerines are coming out too with N. Isabel with its lipsticky pink crystaline flowers unfurling in a few days time.
Got to end of this piece and haven't yet mentioned Hardy Chrysanthemums; in mid October and beyond the best is yet to come!
Dr Andrew Ward

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Looking for a unique gift idea - how about a personalised Norwell Nurseries Gift Voucher? Ideal for a keen gardener when you just don't know what they have or haven't got. With 1,000 different plants, many rare and unusual, there will be something they are desperate to grow in their own gardens. 

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